Stories have a way of touching one’s soul, here is ours:

A young boy is walking along the beach early one morning. Through the mist, in the distance, an elderly gentleman notices this young boy throwing objects back into the water. Walking closer the man sees the boy is tossing starfish back into the water. One after the next, the boy picks up the sea creatures and throws them as far as his little arm will carry. The ebb of the morning ocean tide continues washing starfish ashore. Concerned, the old man approaches the boy and asks, “Boy, why are you wasting your time throwing those starfish back into the ocean? You are not making a difference, there are thousands on this beach.” Without pause the boy picks up another starfish pushing it towards the man and says, “I am making a difference to this one!” as he throws it as far and as hard as he can.

Straight Line Marketing (SLM) began as a concept first. Help one business at a time and do the best we can to make a difference. Walking along the beaches of business we see the tides of the marketplace washing businesses ashore. Sometimes hopeless, but never helpless, these businesses struggle for answers to their marketing questions.

At first we started with one business in one industry. We are now serving in 4 different markets helping multiple businesses and growing. As time moves on we want to make a difference. We know were not going to help every business; but, for those we can help it, may be the difference between thriving in business, or closing the doors and being a forgotten footnote.

Our first question: As a small business, where do we go for cost effective marketing concepts that work? We didn’t want another company that promotes fads that are great today, but gone tomorrow. We wanted something more. A company built around a compressive understanding of the business and industry in question. The more we looked, the more we realized this type of marketing company does not exist. Many are more concerned with high cost branding, outdated strategies, internet driven fads, and those just wanting to “close the deal” to make the “next sale”.

To be most effective, we focus our efforts by catering to businesses we have first hand experience with. Industries we have worked in. These include: small-medium medical practices with an an emphasis on Alternative Care providers, non-profit groups in alignment with our own corporate mission including environmental and food quality awareness, fitness facilities geared towards results avoiding fads, real estate and related businesses including agents, brokers, property management and investors, audio visual production in the entertainment industry.

Contact us if you are interested and have specific questions about your business or industry. In an effort to make the biggest impact, we limit helping clients we can truly make the most difference. We consider it in our own long term growth strategy.