Fanatical Tribes! Are you making an effective impact?

Referencing Seth Godin’s presentation on Tribes:
Our thoughts and musings

In a nutshell Seth Godin explains how marketing is evolving (de-evolving) back into tribal groups. These groups are bonded with a common interest(s). With common behavioral traits, common beliefs and common verbiage unique to the tribal members. Apparent to any keen observer, tribes have always been around. Modern societal conventions made it difficult, or even impossible to reach out to others of like mind in a convenient manner. Enter the internet and voila’.

For example, take your typical New York Yankee’s fan. Talk about a loyal tribe member! Now this New York Yankee fan can keep in constant contact with other fans through a social website. If the Yankee’s baseball organization wants to reach out to their most loyal fans, the best place to start is checking out the social web sites where fans hang out.

Mr. Godin excels at presenting the material in such a way so as to maximize your own business marketing effectiveness. It is well worth the time it takes to watch the videos on this subject as well as checking out some of the blog topics on the subject of Tribes.

Where do your biggest business fans hang out?

How do they think?

What do they do and say that makes them unique?

How can you craft your marketing in such a way as to be genuine, effective and helpful to your group of followers?


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